Tourist Attractions

There's a great selection of tourist attractions in the Isle of Wight. With its picturesque coastline and picturesque castles, the Isle of Wight has much to offer tourists. A visit to the Isle of Wight is definitely a good time to be had. In addition to the Isle of Wight itself, there are several other popular tourist destinations. In this article we'll take a look at some of the best tourist destinations in the Isle of Wight.

"Monkey Haven and the Scilly Monkey Farm" are an attraction located at Monkey Haven in Isle of Wight. The attraction is a combination of education and entertainment. At Monkey Haven you will visit the Monkey Farm where you can learn about building marine habitat and even help a Monkey feed. The attraction also offers visitors the opportunity to view rare jungle wildlife on a walking tour.

The Black Gang Chine Research Centre is based at the Black Gang Cave in Isle of Wight. The site was discovered by the archaeological survey team led by Professor Gordon Clark. It is a huge limestone cave which stretches for over twenty miles. You can expect to go underground in search of fossils, along with the occasional dinosaur! The site is visited by around one hundred and fifty people each day.

"The Big Pink Boat" is a British style amusement park which opens each day at 5 pm. This is located near Belmont. Two hundred and fifty foot long tubes stretch out along the water's edge. At each point along the length of the tubes, an inflatable raft will launch. You'll need to be on top of the raft at the right time to avoid crashing into the water. The raft will eventually come to an end and you will need to either swim against the current or take a ride on the dinosaur isle train.

"The Newport Island Monkey Forest" is located on the island of Newport. You can walk through the forest yourself and learn about the monkeys natural habits and diet. You'll be able to watch the little monkeys enjoy themselves, as well as the many different exotic plants found on the isle. There are also plenty of other attractions including a spa, playground, art gallery and a Ferris wheel.

"The Isle of Wight Monkey Zoo" is the only zoo in the world that houses actual live monkeys! You'll be able to see the monkeys in their habitat, and get up close and personal with them. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the island, and possibly volunteer at the Monkey Zoo as well. If you are looking for more adventures, you can visit the Blackgang Chine Lodge and encounter the wild animals and scenery on offer.

"The Blackgang Chine Lodge" is located on the Isle of Wight and offers guests the opportunity to stay in luxury at this beautiful and tranquil 5 star resort. Guests can dine at a wonderful restaurant and take advantage of the many relaxing activities offered during the day. At night, the Resort offers live entertainment, and then you can visit the famous Nant Gwernol's Pencil Studio. You will truly enjoy staying at the Isle of Wight, and many visitors return again to enjoy the attractions and sights.

In summary, there are many great tourist attractions in the Isle of Wight. These tourist spots are perfect for families, couples, the elderly, as well as people of all ages. There are also plenty of parks and gardens to keep children entertained, while the adults can enjoy the landscapes and the attractions, while still being in close proximity to the kids. You can also visit The Blackgang Chine Lodge, which is an exciting adventure park where dinosaur rides, tram rides, and other adventure rides can be enjoyed, all under one roof!