Benefits Of A Static Caravan

The benefits of a static caravan in terms of cost can be counter-intuitive. Caravans are generally larger than hotels and as such, cost considerably more for a similar standard of accommodation. However the main advantage is the security of being left behind if you choose to move home. For families or groups planning a family holiday, the cost savings could make the difference between a fun family vacation and a life of servitude renting a cottage in the county with better amenities.

When you purchase a holiday park or lodge in the UK, you will usually need to purchase insurance for it and your static caravan. A quick search on the internet can reveal the plethora of insurance deals for a wide range of caravans. As you can imagine, there will be differences between insurers based on their terms of agreement and their own particular criteria. If you are looking at a Caravan Insurance deal, you should consider a few key points before committing yourself to a long term commitment. The main ones include:

Building Works: No building works can be carried out on static caravans as the buildings have an integral waterproof covering. All rain water will drain away from the caravans to the ground. So, there are no dangers of structural damage to the structure. Your static caravan is an investment in your own home - why risk losing it through inclement weather? If you are considering purchasing a touring caravan, then you will need to think carefully about your insurance requirements and what building works are required for your static caravans. There are plenty of insurers who will offer specialist static caravan insurance policies.

Safety Precautions: Caravans are very similar in style and construction to many other types of motorhomes, i.e. they consist of a simple boxy shell with a number of wooden slats or panels where doors, windows and stables are located. The main difference between static caravans and other motorhomes, is that there are no external windows or doors, so it is essential that your static caravan is adequately insulated. Some insurance companies will discount your premium based on your having a professionally completed Prefabricated Wooden House Insulation.

Touring Caravan Pitches: If you're considering touring caravans as a holiday home or while you are living in one country, then you'll require a specialist insurance policy which provides protection for your caravan and its contents during your holiday. Holiday insurance is an extremely important element to take into account if you want to fully enjoy your static caravan holidays. With your holiday home protected, you will have peace of mind that your belongings and those of other holiday makers will be kept safe and secure. However, be aware that insurance does not cover damage caused by theft, vandalism, fire or flooding.

Static Caravan Rental: While you are away on holiday, it's likely that you will encounter some form of local disturbance such as vandalism or the theft of your caravan. In order to ensure that you and your belongings are fully covered, it is strongly advisable to secure the services of a reputable and reliable caravan insurance policy. You may wish to consider including additional types of insurance such as liability insurance or emergency accommodation insurance. Your chosen insurance provider should be able to supply you with a comprehensive quotation for your static caravan rental whilst you are away on holiday. There are two basic types of policy -

Touring Caravans: A touring caravan is usually much larger than a static type caravan and is designed to be towed behind other vehicles. These can be either caravans with cabins or caravans like tractor trailer style with open roof. Touring caravans provide a flexible and comfortable way of holidaying which you and your family can enjoy by yourself, with your own tastes and interests, and as a family activity too. The main benefits of a touring caravan include protection against weather damage and theft and the comfort and luxury of being in an area of your choice while you are away. You can even rent out extra caravans for holidays and vacations as they generally come with their own facilities and amenities that you can use whilst you are on holiday. It is also possible to rent a holiday cottage in the static type of caravan.

Temporary Accommodation and Storage: If you or one of your family members requires temporary accommodation for a number of months or even a year, then the benefits of a static caravan can prove invaluable to you. Most people who are renting a static caravan do so because they need temporary accommodation for a period of time between home and visiting family or friends. Some people rent out the property for short periods only whilst they are on holiday. Temporary campsites and storage units can be extremely practical and well priced if you are on a tight budget. On top of providing you with a great deal of space, they are easy to find as there are many companies that specialise in renting out temporary accommodation and storage units.